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Once you purchase a LOC membership, please fill out a LOC member profile at the LOC Meetup Site and click "Join Us"

Membership to LOC gives you access to all the exclusive women-only events hosted by LOC INC! You will also receive discounts to some of the city's hottest events in town as well as fellowship with a group of Houston's most beautiful, fun, professional & diverse women.

LOC is a wonderful, very diverse & unique community, open to all ladies ages 25 and older. Our aim is to create a consistent presence and social scene for women around the greater Houston, TX metro area. Any woman, regardless of color or ethnicity, who wishes to enjoy this community and friendships this group has to offer should join us!  

LOC is an incorporated organization that serves a social group of over 150+ professional and progressive women ages 25 - 69. LOC's hosts several private events for its members and their invited guests & a few signature events for the city of Houston at large.

Kendra Walker is the owner of this group. Our events are very fun and unique for everyone. (sport competitions, volunteering, and various outings: gun range, golf, horseback riding, scavenger hunts, discussion groups, book clubs, parties, museums, brunch, road trips, etc.) Therefore, our membership spans women of all ethnicities (black, white, Latino, Asian, etc) as well as sexual orientation (lesbian, bi, questioning, straight).

We are a progressive group of mature women who believe in having FUN while doing a variety of activities. There's very few things this group won't try.


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